What Will You Listen To This Week?

What Will You Listen To This Week?

Have you ever had a time when you were so caught up developing a friendship with your future self, that you may have unknowingly walked away from a loving friendship with one of your past selves?

As I write this today and look out my window, I distinctly recall a past version of me who is wise and loving with alphabets and letters.

This version of me seems so divorced from the me of today. Today, I am the one who can mostly think and feel in colours. Today, I am the one who feels so much that I don't know how to find the words to express them.

I have spent the last one year looking to find my way back to this past self, and rediscover them.

It seems like, somewhere along the way, my lack of ability to engage in words left me mute in many areas of my life. And it seemed like, this past self has the wisdom and knowledge to help me speak up.

Today, I have found them.

I leave you with this thinking prompt~

What past version of yourself have you unknowingly distanced yourself from that you yearn to find your way back?

How can this past self turn up for you, with you and next to you today?


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