Embracing my V O I D

Embracing my V O I D

Kicking you off with some fun cat trivia.

Some people call black cats "voids" because they vanish in dark places where you cannot see them no matter how hard you look. They become ‘part of the void’.

Or simply V O I D in meme language.

The only good reason to be on Facebook. Well, among other cat-shaped reasons… Wanna get a cute black cat on your feed?


A lot of people look at my with bewilderment when they hear about Nya’s cat tales and my hooman experiences.

“Can you really live life that way?”

“Can you afford to live a life so carelessly and playfully?”

Playfully ≠ Carelessly. Playing intentionally is a different effort.

And…this sometimes comes from people who have heard stories of my traumas, “Are you escaping or running away from something?”

I have spent 25 years of my life running away from myself. Intentional play is slowly allowing me to heal my scars and leading me back to myself - allowing me to reconnect with my mind, my heart, my body, & my spirit.

Nya is a tangible manifestation of my healing process.

A voice in my head that belongs to me paired with the body of a cat to make it seem less scary. It is a performance that plays out seeing me trying to look at parts of myself that people have rejected, people have made me reject, and people have taught me to reject over the years.

How I wish people would look at those parts of me, love those parts of me, and embrace those parts of me. My shadow self.

How I wish I could look at my shadow self, embrace my shadow self and find the light within the inner darkness.

Playing out Nya’s tales is my wholesome & nourishing adventure, chasing rainbows if you will.

TLDR; Today I am letting you know that I think this kooky cat is cold-hearted & emotionally detached. She will stop at nothing to get her claws on chimken food because she deserves it all. But lowkey she’s also awesome because she tries to take care of me in her own interesting ways.


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