Embracing My Stories

Embracing My Stories

I’ve taken Lunchclub meetings for 25 weeks straight now. It has taught me some lessons:

  • How to spot patterns in people’s behavior and conversations
  • How to identify red flags & practice my boundaries
  • How to engage in deep conversations and build trust despite it being networking

My biggest observation is that people are more similar to me than I’d like to believe. All the effort that I make trying to differentiate myself, I can spot people quoting the same niche, interests, and descriptors - all while believing that they’re truly unique in what they’re doing.

It would be nice to be the only person who could do what I claim to do.

The thing is, I’ve also met people who are really unique and I believe are the only people who have the skillsets, interests and work area that only they can do.

From what I’ve seen, these people take their personal narratives and lead with them. Who they are, the rich lives they’ve led, and the experiences that inform their decisions - it’s hard to put together two people who have the same life experience.

Let’s believe for one moment that we could - maybe twins living similar lives. But who they are, their individual capacities and perceptions differ changing how they interact with the world.

The more I witness this, the more I’m learning not to hide my personal experiences in shame in a closet.